Old products often become useless and hazardous waste, while they could instead be repaired, saving limited resources and raw materials. By accumulating waste in landfills, we are abandoning products that will never be fed back into the production cycle, at least not in the short term.

That is why the last generations are recurring to revamping of crucibles and furnaces for molten metals more and more. The focus on respecting the environment and this period of economic crisis have forced the entire world to reassess its needs.

Therefore, even revamping a useful object has actually become essential in order to save money. This radical change should also be applied in the foundry industry, where we should learn to reuse, recover and recycle more, wasting less

It is therefore possible to repair furnaces and crucibles, giving them new life instead of throwing them away or revamping and reusing them for a long period of time. In recent years, our company has also moved in this direction by promoting services that allow customers to recover and renovate their old furnaces and repair their crucibles.

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