Mg casting baths need to be protected against the presence of oxygen in the air. Ditta Musto has engineered various models of high-quality gas mixing cabinets in order to meet our customers’ needs.

We offer simple structures for adjusting the mixture made manually with simple panels at a very low cost, or complete gas cabinets containing a single regulation group or double mixing cabinets where a box (compartment) is added to contain the cylinders inherent to gas mixing.

These cabinets can be manually regulated with low costs or you can add a PLC with touch screen. In this second option, regulation is automatic when the mixture is made with more mixing gases according to system requirements, especially when several furnaces need to be managed. The mixture can be made with only two or three gases for a better result in protecting the bath.

The most common protective gases used with gas mixing cabinets for Mg melting baths are: SF6, R134a, CO2, SO2, Novec 612. But SF6 is no longer used on the market because it has ben replaced with alternative gases, such as R134a and others, because it has a considerably higher green impact.

Ditta Musto has created a R134a gas mixing cabinet that reduces its consumption, thanks to a technology that allows amore ermetic distribution structure above the metal bath.The new system will contribute to reduce the impact on the environment.

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