In zinc die casting processes, a crucible can break, leading to unpleasant surprises when we least expect it. The crucible is still completely full of zamak and the gooseneck often remains embedded in the solid metal and must therefore be replaced as it cannot be taken out.

Since the gooseneck is a very expensive device, this simple kind of damage not only causes the production chain to slow down, but also entails the additional cost of purchasing a new gooseneck, as well as the loss of the metal inside the crucible itself.


Ditta Musto has therefore decided to create an additional service for customers, to avoid costly damage caused by this type of breakage. In fact, losing zinc alloy and having to pay for a gooseneck is certainly more expensive than losing a crucible.

In these cases, customers can send us their broken crucibles, full of zamak with the embedded devices inside, and Ditta Musto takes care of emptying the crucible and returning the zamak ingots, the gooseneck and any other devices.

It is an inexpensive service, which is very much in demand precisely due to the value of the ingots and goosenecks that will be returned to the customer, which is at least equal to purchasing a new crucible.
Finally, depending on the type of damage, the customer can also decide to have the crucible repaired.

The customer will soon realise that this low-cost intervention will bring great savings rather than having to purchase new zamak alloy and a new gooseneck.

Finally, this operation can be done even when the crucible is already very old and can no longer be repaired, and it is convenient to do so even if the customer has a cast iron crucible.

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