For all standard die-casting machines we have redesigned our own manufacturing drawings and we have two warehouses, one in Italy and one in Germany.

For the other types of crucibles, Musto is equipped and organized to supply the stainless steel crucibles for zinc alloys in a few days. This last point of a fast delivery is another flagship of our production because diecasting time requirements have become more and more stringent nowadays.

To sum up, manufacturing a stainless steel crucible for zinc alloys is not as simple as the result of what the final product looks like and the aforementioned parameters demonstrate why the stainless steel crucible for casting quality zinc alloys is now the most required and sold.

For this reason, the Musto brand is a registered, international brand recognized by its users.


Uses and models. The stainless steel crucible is required in all different fields using zinc alloys, from automotive, electronics, telephony, fashion, toys, leather goods, construction, locks, taps, religious items, toys, souvenir gifts, anodes and many more.

All these industries use crucibles with different zinc alloy melting processes: die-casting, centrifugal casting, gravity casting and recycling. Musto is able to reply to all different requests, and fast.

The stainless steel crucible for zinc alloys can be manufactured in any size and shape and adapted to any type of furnace.


There are several advantanges in using a welded fabricated stainless steel crucible. First, a stock of cast iron crucibles is no longer needed because a welded stainless steel crucible does not break or wear easily.

This means, in the long term, saving money, production times, capital costs, floor space and tool costs. Another thing is that you can always repair an old steel crucibles by replacing single welded sections. Finally, but not less important, the stainless steel crucible for zinc alloys can be redesigned and better engineered for what concens the right flange, wall and bottom thicknesses.

Musto has therefore obtained a more resistant and stable product and the Musto quality steel crucible suitable for zinc alloys is now sold with a lifetime guarantee. The result means better efficiency in your foundry.

Strong engineering work, specialized crafts and know-how is required to achieve the right structure for manufacturing a crucible for casting zinc alloys properly.


Research and innovation. The stainless steel crucible for zinc alloys is often associated to the brand Ditta Musto. In fact , in 1989 Musto was the first Company to start selling stainless steel crucibles for casting zinc alloys, when all the market was still using the cast iron crucible for this application. The new steel crucible for zinc alloys was soon a success in Italy and Europe first, and then overseas.

The new crucible for recycling zinc alloys was developed in recent years as a result of the latest changes in many zinc foundries. There were several challenges for casting crucibles zinc alloys involved, including study of new materials, new designs, shapes and a new fabrication.

The Company dedicated itself to finding new manufactures that could prolong the lifetime of the stainless steel crucible for zinc alloys as there were many requests for specially engineered crucibles for the right zinc alloy process.


  • Manufactured in any size and shape
  • Manufactured for all standard die casting machines or to a customer’s drawing
  • Manufactured in different grades of stainless steel and different thicknesses
  • Capacity from 10 Kgs to 15000 Kgs of zinc alloys
  • For hot and cold chamber diecasting, for gravity castings, for smelting, recycling and holding
  • Qualified weldings and welding quality controls executed before delivery
  • Supplied with ceramic flange isolation for the flange, pyromether pocket and threaded lifting holes on the flange
  • Handles or a baffle can be added
  • Supplied with crucible maintenance instructions
  • Supplied with a lifetime guarantee of 5 years for all dicecasting crucibles
  • Engineered for the type of heating , gas or electric
  • A cover to match the flange or the top of the crucible can be provided
  • All DITTA MUSTO products are insured


Zinc alloys are preferred to other alloys in various applications thanks to their ease of use, fast cycle and low melting temperature (from 400 to 500 ° C):
from furniture to hardware, from clothing to mechanical components, automotive electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics etc.
This low melting temperature saves the foundry energy costs.
In diecasting production, zamak has high hourly productivity because zamak requires a very short cooling time.
The zinc castings allow the foundry to obtain tighter tolerances, while other materials require mechanical processes to obtain centesimal tolerances.
The zinc castings are easy to assemble because zinc alloys are ductile. The process must be executed in a special crucible that can be submitted to the right temperatures.
The molds for zink alloy die casting also wear well and can be reused to produce similar objects by simply replacing some inserts.
Zamak diecasting does not present any risk of fire.
The zinc alloys are completely recyclable and reusable.


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