Pouring valves are manufactured for mould filling or ingots made of lead, tin, zinc alloy or magnesium.

The valve provides an alternative to pumps in the liquid transfer of metal. This operation can be either manual or controlled by a motor, which makes it possible to control the flow of liquid metal at the crucible outlet.

Its design thus limits mechanical movements, contributing to a longer service life. The pouring valve is pre-heated and ensures temperature control until the liquid metal exit.

These pouring valves, made of special stainless steel and manufactured by Ditta Musto, are managed by a control cabinet with the furnace or they can be independent with temperature regulation.

The valve must be positioned at the crucible outlet by a flanged tube, which allows it to be disassembled easily without removing the crucible.

The regulation is controlled by a type K thermocouple, placed in the pouring valve body.

The electric heating is made with heating cartridges.
For better heat retention, insulation can be placed under the casing.

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