Molten metal conveyor belts are placed at the machine outlet and are generally used in die casting for zinc, magnesium and aluminum alloys. They can also be found in various hot and cold casting applications.

The main advantage of using a conveyor belt is that it reduces staff fatigue, for example when it comes to lifting heavy parts or carrying them over a certain distance.

Ditta Musto meets your needs by offering molten metal conveyor belts that are customised according to processing and size.

Its sturdy construction ensures a long service life despite use in harsh environments.

The conveyor belts can be either fixed or on wheels, and several choices are offered for the structure of the metal belt: pallets, meshes, chains, etc. The body of the conveyor can be customised by adding cooling fans, a loading hopper, a spout or even inclinations.

The conveyor belt is controlled by an on-board electrical box with speed variators, on / off buttons and emergency stop. In addition, our highly qualified technical department will be able to assist you and manufacture the exact conveyor belt for your molten metal castings.

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