You can remanufacture your furnace by giving it new energy while significantly increasing production.

Refurbishing an existing furnace is generally less expensive than buying a new one, with the option of adding custom upgrades.

Sometimes, with a repairing furnace service, you can increase the result of a production process even with an old furnace.

However, companies often make new investments that are not in line with cost optimisation and available resources, do not take into consideration the option of remanufacturing, or ignore the actual life cycle of a furnace.

You can simply rebuild the insulation of a furnace at a convenient price, thus extending the life cycle of a system.

Refurbishing can involve rearranging the chamber of the furnace room, which can be updated with modern cutting-edge solutions at the same time, thus increasing the efficiency and quality.

The entire production cycle will maintain the original external structure. With remanufacturing, you can restore the obsolete technology of your old furnace and replace it with advanced technology, obtaining great benefits for the foundry: increase in production, energy savings, greater safety for staff, and higher quality for the final product.

With a furnace repair, you can carry out specific interventions without changing the structure of the furnace, such as:

  • replacing or remaking the electrical panel
  • installing a PLC
  • replacing an old burner
  • replacing obsolete commands
  • installing on-board ducts
  • increasing production
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