The furnace magnesium refractory lining is very important for the casting as it must insulate from the outside in and, at the same time, must protect the furnace from the exothemic reaction of free SO2, in case of a crucible leak.

The body is made out of carbon steel plating and is particularly resistant, allowing the furnace for magnesium alloys to last for many years.

Control cabinet with PLC and temperature regulation 0% -100% power control by static relay (furnace with heating elements ) and amperage display on PLC with graph, temperature and power curves Tilting version with hydraulic cylinder.


Furnaces for magnesium alloys can be manufactured for casting, smelting or recycling and can be either gas or electric heated.

Electric furnaces are normally preferred because heating elements are installed in parallel and, if one of them fails, heating power will be maintained. A gas heated melting furnace for magnesium alloys has the drawback that the crucible wears out more than in an electric furnace, and even more in a recycling furnace.

Thanks to the know-how of a customised crucible, the service life of a crucible can be increased by up to 20% compared to traditional furnaces.


The primary goal of our engineering team is to supply you with an efficient furnace for magnesium alloys that allows you to save money in terms of energy. Insulation is one of the main features, ensuring minimal heat loss for customers.


What is unique in Ditta Musto furnaces for magnesium alloys is the particular care to all the additional components and devices, which are specifically chosen by our technicians to ensure maximum duration and avoid unexpected production downtime.

Other important devices in our furnaces for magnesium alloys are the furnace covers and the protective gas mixing system, engineered by Ditta Musto. The least but not less important furnace component for the casting of magnesium alloys is the very unique crucible fabricated by Ditta Musto.


  • Option of fitting a manual or pneumatically controlled insulated cover (saving melting time and energy)
  • For the electric furnace: the electric heating elements can be replaced without removing the crucible (saving time during shutdowns)
  • Type K thermocouple control in the bath.
  • Safety regulation by type K thermocouple in the furnace.
  • Capacities can range from 200 to 10,000 kilos, depending on final use.
  • Possibility to supply small laboratory furnaces with a capacity from 2 to 50 kilos.


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