Refurbishing used welded molten metal crucibles is an operation to be taken into serious consideration, which makes the purchase of crucibles even more advantageous, not only to save money but also to pollute less and create crucibles that would otherwise be discarded.

Welded steel crucibles have the advantage that they can be repaired. Crucibles do not always have to be thrown away, but they may break prematurely due to distractions in use or to a furnace heating problem. These accidents can happen but, fortunately, a used welded fabricated metal crucible can often be repaired.

Ditta Musto used metal crucibles can be repaired since they consist of several welded sections, so it is sometimes sufficient to replace the damaged part to bring the welded crucible back to its initial state of life.

A cast iron or refractory crucible can be fragile and must be thrown away and replaced when it breaks. On the contrary, all our crucibles can be returned to our workshop and repaired, given a second life and be reused as new welded fabricated metal crucibles. All this is possible since the repair does not only involve replacing the damaged sections; in fact, when we receive a crucible for refurbishing, we perform different tests, such as:

  • an ultrasonic check of the sheets,
  • check of thicknesses,
  • check of welds to assure the customer that
  • the crucible cannot subsequently cause further damage or suffer further leakages.

In fact, the used crucible may break in one point, but then further controls bring to light other invisible damaged areas requiring precise intervention.

Therefore, each repair work always entails carrying out an accurate analysis of the entire crucible first, which is done by our workshop, and we then proceed to repair it, assuring the customer that the problem has been definitively solved.

However, we always need to remind our magnesium customers that, when returning used molten metal crucibles, these must first be emptied from the internal solid metal bath in order to ensure safe processing for our staff.

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