Musto et Bureau Srl is the supplier of a wide range of melting metal crucibles manufactured both for standard die casting machines and to customer drawings.

The metal crucibles are designed directly by our technical office in all sizes and shapes and for all castings: die casting, sand and gravity casting, recycling and remelting.

The melting metal crucibles are manufactured in different grades of steel for the various metal castings, specifically designed to improve their lifetime.

The crucibles for molten metal are supplied to all sorts of productive fields, including automotive, aeronautics, furniture, electronics, fashion and many others.

Our team’s considerable experience and the continuous research on innovative materials and fabrication processes to manufacture the melting metal crucibles allow Musto et Bureau Srl to collaborate with your foundry and respond effectively to your requests.

Manufacturing a specially engineered crucibles for the right melting metal process is by no means simple, and it does require a study by experts. You will learn that a high quality crucible can save you money in energy terms and in your purchase of spare parts.

Musto is the brand leader manufacturer for quality crucibles for melting metals and, over the years, their specialization has demonstrated that a quality melting metal crucible is the result of a continuously evolving project, at the foundries’ service and to solve many casting problems for them.

Manufacturing a melting metal crucible requires specific knowledge and customization flexibility.

You will get all this by referring to Musto for your crucibles. In addition to an efficient reply to your needs and fast, punctual delivery.

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